Dr Christopher Culp

Dr. Christopher Culp is Director of Risk Management Consulting Services, Inc. (Chicago and Bern) and Senior Consulting Associate at Synthetic Capital Advisers. He has extensive experience of risk management practice within the clearing house and exchange business, and has led risk management reviews at many of the world’s major futures exchange clearing and securities clearing houses, as well as delivery-versus-payment agents. These reviews have often been conducted on behalf of (re-)insurance companies and brokers as part of the due diligence for placing synthetic capital facilities.

Christopher has also conducted due diligence reviews of exchanges and clearing houses for (re-)insurers underwriting errors and omissions, professional indemnity, and operational risk insurance policies. In addition, Culp has provided strategic advisory consulting services (e.g., competitiveness analysis, training and education, new product review, infrastructure development, etc.) to a number of global exchanges and clearing houses.

He serves as Adjunct Professor of Finance at The University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business, is an Honorary Professor at Bern University’s Institut für Finanzmanagement, and is a Senior Fellow in Financial Regulation with the Competitive Enterprise Institute. His consulting services and detailed biography can be found at www.rmcsinc.com



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